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Nat Bossett

Like BeBe, I have Kyocera panels and have been happy with them (also on
two other boats). That's two ~100W panels, one port and one starboard on
the lifelines aft. The long axis is forward/aft and they're mounted with
the lifeline up and down the center. They're on mounts which allow them
to spin so that when in use they can be flat but when coming into a slip
they can be spun inside the lifelines so they don't stick out and get
caught on anything.

That mounting isn't ideal solar efficiency such as you'd get by putting
them on a ball mount to swing forward/aft to track the sun during the day
on an East or West passage. At any given and heading, one might be in a
bit of shade from the mizzen. But they keep up with the autopilot,
refrigeration, and other minor loads.

The key is an appropriate charge controller configured for the type of
batteries. Mine is a Blue Sky (coupled with an Outback for the AC
charging) but unlike the Kyocera's I didn't research it because that's
what she came with.

My 2004(?) flooded batteries are just about done but took some abuse along
the way.


Maramu #29

On Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 06:54:04AM -0700, Alexandre Uster von Baar [amelyachtowners] wrote:
So will consider solar panels.
Does anyone have input in this solution?
Also for those using solar panels, did you keep the same flooded
batteries or did you change them with AGM, or else?

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre
Taino Beach, Grand Bahama

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