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Patrick McAneny

Alexandre, I have three 140 watt Kyrocera panels and a wind gen. , in six months in the Caribbean we never had to use the generator to charge our flooded batteries. The solar provided much more power than the wind gen. , but the combination normally provides power around the clock, however quite often the wind gen. provided very little to no measurable amps. My boat is on a mooring and the batteries are 100% charged , with a float charge provided through the regulator. Pat SM 123

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Good morning,

Currently I have 8 of the traditional deep cycle flooded batteries, which is ok, since I spend a large amount of time in Marinas because of my work.

Therefore, I might start to spend more time at anchor.
From sailing experience I know the genset doesn’t fully charge the batteries.
So will consider solar panels.
Does anyone have input in this solution?
Also for those using solar panels, did you keep the same flooded batteries or did you change them with AGM, or else?

Thanks in advance, sincerely, Alexandre
Taino Beach, Grand Bahama

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