Water Maker Power Draw & Motor Fire

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Dear Yves:

Thank you for being the first to bring to our attention the problems associated with the
salinity sensor on the Dessalator water maker.

Your post about the motor fire doesn't specify if this was the high pressure pump motor or
the low pressure pump motor that burned. Can you please clarify? Was there any wire

As you can see from my previous post, based on my measurements last week, a 20 amp
circuit breaker is adequate for the entire system to operate at pressure. Additionally each
pump is individually protected by a circuit breaker. The high pressure pump has a 25 amp
circuit breaker and the low pressure pump has a 5 amp circuit breaker (see photo section
for water maker electrical box component labels).

It doesn't quite make sense to have a total system CB of 20 amps and an individual motor
CB of 25 amps.

Regards, Gary Silver
s/v Liahona Amel SM 2000
Hull 3 335

in the

I think it is important to advise you, who have got a DESSALATOR watermaker, that I
nearly had fire in by boat.
The 220 V. motor, having no electrical protection, burned.
Somebody said, on this forum, that the line circuit breaker was not big enough and was
contemplating to replace it by a bigger one; I would suggest not to do that. If a breaker
trips it is probably because the motor is faulty and takes too much power when starting or
blocking. It is a good thing that it tripped; mine didn't. Anyway the breaker in the
switchboard is there to protect the line / cable and not the motor which should have, like
all other appliances (charger, air conditioning, fans…), a specific protection adapted to its
way of working. DESSALATOR water makers have none.
Be careful !!

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