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Did you have it serviced at EMEK in Gocek? If so, write an email to Riza. I am sure he can help you, but it sounds like a gear key has slipped and certainly you will have to open the gear box for inspection. I have not done that, but I believe that you can remove the cover for inspection, which will likely reveal your problem.

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Our forestay furling worked good and silent until today. But today it makes a strange noise,  seems to me that it comes out of the gearbox and sounds as the bearings are not ok and metal scratches on metal. The unit Has been serviced in Turkey in the Winter.  Has anyone drawings of the unit? Is it necessary to get the whole unit off (forestay removal. ...) or Can it be serviced by taking only the Motor off and leaving the forestay in place ?  We are away from a save marina and are using the manual furling Method currently and do Not want to remove the forestay if not absolute necessary for a repair. Any ideas and Experiences?

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