Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: C-Drive

Mike Ondra

We had been experiencing increasing vibration over the past 10 to 20 hours of motoring.  Upon haul out there was about 1/2 inch side-to-side play with the c-drive. Extracting the bolt with 32mm socket was easy and indeed the c-drive bolt rubber bushing was worn away. It was very sloppy both on the bolt and in the hole, except for the top 1/8" of an inch which protruded above the bushing hole.

Following the lead of others we found the tube in tube approach to work well. Using black rubber exhaust hose, 7/8" I.D. fit snugly on the bolt, and 1-1/4" hose fit VERY SNUGLY in the bushing hole.  this was tapered a bit to ease the insertion, and both were liberally coated with oil. Then the bolt/7/8" hose was pressed into the 1-1/4", again very snug. They were cut to 2" length protruding about 1/8" above the bushing hole so that when the bolt was tightened it would compress the rubber without touching the steel. This to maintain vibration isolation. There was no stainless sleeve in the assembly but the bolt has a shoulder perhaps as a stand-off to prevent metal to metal contact. The entire hole and bolt head were faired in with black silicone per Olivier's comments.

After install no vibration under power. Pictures posted in Aletes album.

Mike Ondra

S/V Aletes SM#240

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