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Hi welcome to Amel. 
Ok the grease is from the lube system for the shaft when free wheeling the prop using the prop shaft alternator. 
The indent is part of the dynamic water speed system. 
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Hi, Just hauled older Maramu 1989 #261 for paint and zincs. There are two holes just forward of the prop, one on each side of the prop shaft / cutlass bearing that are dripping grease. Can I assume that is overfill  and is OK to be leaking?  

Also, on the leading edge of the skeg about 2 inches up it is indented and looks like the plastic edge is missing and I can see plywood splinters. Water did not leak out of it and it's now dry to the touch so I do not think that the plywood is waterlogged but I don't know how long it's been like that. Other than a few splinters the wood feels solid so I will fill and glass the area, prime and paint with the rest of the bottom. I must have snagged a cable or something, but how did it not get caught up in the prop or on the keel which hangs lower into the water? I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen.
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