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Hi Ross, when I sold you the boat, it had non-original cockpit wood treatments. The finish on the wood in the cockpit at delivery was Tip Top Teak, a teak oil product. I believe the teak on your boat was varnished when you bought it. Not sure, that was several boats ago. Best bet is to strip it and start over with a good clean basic natural teak surface and then decide where you want to go. How to finish your teak is a subject with too many answers. You need to think about how often you want to repeat the process, how ‘shiny’ you want the teak to look, and how much you want to budget for teak restoration in your ongoing maintenance budget. On all but the vertical companionway sliding door, most of the boats I get for resale have a natural teak finish, which is to say a silver/natural washed appearance. The ones that are ‘bright’ finished often employ high solids/ high U.V. content varnish, or similar to varnish, products. The veneer on the companionway door is too thin from the beginning and will eventually fail, especially if you do the oil/strip/remove the oil/ re-oil process. Better to varnish/paint this part as you need to remove the dodger to take it out in one piece to replace the failed veneer. You can remove it several other ways but the level of craftsmanship required increases dramatically with the quality of the end result. Trust me, I have been involved in this process more times than you might believe. Ross, you have one of the last Maramu’s ever built. It is one of the best.

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Hello, The wood trim in the cockpit is looking worn and I would like to renew the finish. Since the finish is only partially gone on only some of the pieces, I was hoping to do a quick sand and then paint on new finish. I don't think that poly, varnish and lacquer are compatible so IF the worn finish is original what did the factory use in 1989 ? Thanks, Ross

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