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If you happen to be in Gocek, the mechanics at EMEK know how to do this job. I saw them overhaul another Amel Genoa furler.

While I was there I had them drill and tap my Genoa furler gearbox for a grease nipple. I had them do the same thing to the outhaul and furling gearboxes on the Main Mast 

I pump a little grease into each one once a year. When not adding grease, I replace the grease nipple with a nylon screw. Some owners have added two tapped holes on each one. They unscrew nylon screws from each, screw a grease nipple in one and pump grease until grease comes out the other hole. This is probably an improvement over what I did.

All gears need lubrication. I am not sure why Amel did not add a method of lubrication to these gearboxes. What makes matters worse is that these gearboxes "bake" the grease in the hot sun. On the other hand, the gearboxes will last 10 years, or more, without adding grease...BUT, will probably last 20+ years WITH ADDING GREASE!

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Thank you Bill,

I removed the motor as far as I could (on anchor, to take the motor out complete I would have to open all the cables) and put some grease in the gearbox,  now it is better, maybe only grease is missing. Stupid question: is it necessary to grease the unit periodically? Has anyone some instructions how to do that? 

We made the service in kusadasi in turkey, and nearly everything that the mechanics did there made problems  later, we had to rework everything step by step. So it would not surprise me if they did not grease it

Fair winds, herbert

Vulcano, Italy

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