My Water Maker Alarm Control Panel & Blue Seas Multimeter

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Hello everyone:

I just posted a picture in the watermaker folder showing the control panel I built for my EC
sensor with a 110 decibel sonalert, mute/arm switch with LED indicating power on and
condition. I currently have the EC alarm limit set at 500 microSiemens/cm. Any salinity
more than that will alarm. The alarm sounds at each start up for about 2-4 minutes
(depending on how long the system has been shut down), so I mute the alarm until salinity
below 500 and the alarm silences, then I place the switch in the up position (what I call the
arm position) so that any future alarms during production of water will instantly sound the

I really like the Blue Seas Multimeter. It was easy to install and very accurate. I installed it
on the incoming line so that if I have a concern about the power I can leave all ciruits off
while I verify that I have correct power attached. You can select hertz/watts/amps/
voltage. It is amazing how low the voltage is on some docks. The picture posted shows
only the Dessalator watermaker running at pressure and consuming 2560 watts of energy.

I can supply a schematic of my installation for anyone interested.


Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

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