Watermaker TDS and RIB

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Dear Ian and Judy,
My watermaker has done about 255 hours. We use it for all our onboard
water. I bought the DM1 model TDS and now I wish I had the DM2 as it
never occurred to me that the screen on the DM1 would be so tiny that
it very hard to see the x10 reading flashing when the machine is
turned on.You will need the one to fit 3/8 ths inch tubing if you have
the 160 ltr ph model.
Incidentally if you are about to order the RIB ask them to fit an
extra handle either side in front of the thwart so peole sitting
forward have something to hold on to. They did this for me ,no charge.

Good luck, Anne and John SM319

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