Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] C Drive shaft seals and wear bearing - don't do what I did

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While we are sharing mistakes – I will share our more expensive mistake.


We replaced our main and mizzen sails with hydranet vertical battened sails recently, having been assured by Demi sails that they make plenty of these for the super maramu and they don’t pose a problem. They did perform very well during the summer and we have not had any problem so far in furling  them, however they do not go all the way into the mast such that there is always some sail visible without UV protection, which I think is problem for their longevity. Also I am concerned about wear on the batten slots. So I think on reflection given the choice again I would not have vertical battens fitted.






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I did the same thing last year—Just lazy I guess.

I also changed the O ring on the drain plug and put some sealant between the outside of the drain plug and the C-Drive body. Just in case that is where the water was coming from

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We learn from our mistakes, and sometimes we benefit from other's mistakes. I think that I have learned a lot from others, so it is time to payback.


We normally haul every two years to renew antifouling and perform maintenance including servicing the C drive and Bow Thruster. We hauled in May in Malta and because we had so few hours on the C Drive, I chose to forgo the C Drive maintenance. A few months later we have a slight discoloration of the C Drive oil in the reservoir to a caramel color...definite water intrusion. I drained some from the reservoir to confirm.


So, now we are going to pay to haul/launch for something we should have done in Malta.


Probably everyone knows this, but the lesson learned is the C Drive should be serviced every 2 years or 800 hours, which ever comes first. And, when your boat is out of the water don't put off something you can do while it is out.





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