Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] C Drive shaft seals and wear bearing - don't do what I did

Andrew & Kate Lamb


Thanks - they are almost fully in but on the mizzen the last batten is so close to the clew that it is out of the mast - will try again paying more attention to tension.


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I can't find your original message..
I've had DV Hydranet sails with vertical battens for 2 years and not had any problems with furling them into the masts. The UV protection provided is adequate.
After about 5000 miles there is no apparent wear on the batten pockets and the sails are as good as new.
The ONLY issue we have had is the attachment of the leech cord at the head of the would cause the head of the sail to roll over when it was furled. I've since taken their attachment hardware off the head of the sail and sewed the loop of the leech cord end flat onto the head of the sail.
Elyse SM437

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