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Just to correct the information on the Maramu:

From the mid eighties this model was equipped with electrical furling genoa
and main as well as with a retractable bow thruster.

The difference between late Maramu’s and Santorin’s is therefore mainly the
Amel C-drive system, the winged ballast and some hull modifications – e.g.
it is somewhat lighter and will sail a bit faster in most situations.

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Lars, Denmark


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Emne: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: SuperMaramu vs Maramu vs Santorin.

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I am planning to buy an Amel, and I wonder if some one could tell
me what are the main differences on Supermaramu, Maramu and Santorin
considering 45'and ketch rigging. The pros and cons.
Thaks in advance
I will sumarize quickly, so it will be very uncomplete.
Maramu and Santorin are of the same size (46 ft), Super maramu is 53ft.
There are many difference between Maramu and Santorin.
main differences are:
-line shaft
-3 manual rolling sails
-made until 89
-price range 100 / 150k Euro

-Amel type transmission (C)
-Genoa and main electric furling. Artimon manual
-from 89 to 97 (140 made)
-improved hull
-winged ballast
-price range 200 / 250 k Euro
-Perkins 50HP same as maramu
-some sloop made. Not very popular.

Super maramu
-similar to Santorin but larger (53) and 1.5 time the space. (no sloop)
in addition:
-U shaped galley
-washer/dryer + dishwasher
-from 89 to 98
-Perkins 68 to 80HP
-price range 280 / 350 k Euro

Super Maramu 2000
-improvement to SM.
-99 to 2005 (almost 400 made)
-Perkins 80 to 100HP
-price range 350 to +++ k Euro

Condition and options (many available) will make the price.

They are all great boats. I only know happy owners. Amel is a very serious
This is very uncomplete, but it should help for a start.
All depend what you are looking for, and how much you want to spend.

For info, I presently know an excellent Santorin for sale (French flag VAT

Georges Pellegrini

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