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That would be very helpful – pretty sure this is the problem – the water visibly pulses with the motor coming on and off – and leave it off for a while and  there is still initially pressure, which clearly drops very quickly.






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Pinmar Supply in Barcelona sells this pump. Do you want me to ask them what needs to be replaced if the expansion tank fails? Maybe just the membrane?

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We have an IDRO ECOINOX combined pump and water expansion tank unit installed – we don’t have the standard expansion tank fitted behind the hot water heater. We now have the water pump rapidly cycling when running water – I assume therefore there is a problem with the expansion tank. I wondered if anyone else had this sort of pump installed and had any manuals / tech information on it – We don’t seem to have any in the boat manuals and there is a dearth of information on the internet. I would guess an option might be to fit a standard expansion tank behind the hot water heater but I am not sure of the size and manufacturer of what is fitted as standard in the earlier Amels?





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