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Hi Ian:
Mine is the 120 lph (now 160 lph with the new membranes) 220 VAC 50 hertz model. My
membranes had only 185 hours on them when they failed. As I previously mentioned I am
sure that their premature demise was related to prolonged periods of pickling with
pickling solution that was way too concentrated. This due to my ignorance about the bad
effects of pickling and poor instructions from Dessalator (i.e. no really useful owners
manual). As I noted I don't plan to ever pickle the system again. The boat is now on the
hard in Jolly Harbor Antiqua for the hurricane season and I have rigged a multiday timer
with a relay to fllush the system with fresh water for 1 minutes three times per week. The
original Amel pressure water pump flushes about 7 liters per minute through the system.

PS I had a one hour long discussion with Rod Boreham (UK rep for Dessalator) yesterday
about my findings related to the non-connected salinity sensor. He notes that his wiring
diagrams do not match the photo of the circuit board that I sent him but also that the
spare board he has in his parts supply matches my photo. I noted also that the wiring
installation diagram supplied by Amel for my system doesn't match the system installed in
my boat as well. He doesn't know for sure but wondered if perhaps the salinity sensor
hook up and/or the control board were custom made at Amel's request. I suspect we will
never know for sure why or at who's request the salinity sensors were installed but not
connected to anything, but at least we now know that it doesn' work and can take
necessary action.

Regards, Gary Amel SM 2000 Hull # 3335

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Hi Gary, I have just printed some of your very useful photos on changing
the membranes. Is yours a 60lph or 160 lph system? How many hours did you
get out of your membranes before you renewed them? Cheers, Ian Jenkins SM

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