Lofrans Tigre Windlass intermittently unresponsive to helm or unit switches.

Gaffney, Drew <drew.gaffney@...>

Our windlass begun failing to respond to either the helm panel joystick or the buttons on the windlass itself. I've changed windlass buttons several times, but in those cases, one button failed, but the other worked and the helm-station control was not affected.
Power is getting to the control box, but it appears that nothing is coming out. I assume that this box is the 'common final pathway for activation with either set of switches.
Has anyone had a similar problem with neither pair of switches working? Has anyone replaced the control box?
What were it's failure symptoms?
Where was the replacement purchased. I will check Imtra tomorrow.
I've not found this topic on the UserGroup web site, but searching isn't always fruitful. Feel free to refer me to previous messages.
Thank you.
SY Revelation SM390
Lying Rebel Marina, Norfolk VA

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