Watermaker TDS and battery chargers

John and Anne on Bali Hai <hollamby@...>

Hi Ian and Judy,
Bluemarin did not drink the product and relied on bottled water.
They also relied on the salinity monitor which did not work as has
now been clearly revealed. The result was that they did not notice
that sea water was polluting their tank and it corroded/destroyed
their washing machine. The suggestion that the monitor is not
connected may well be because the machine is an Amel version.
I had trouble with my battery chargers, one of which failed and I
had to buy a new one as I was in Turkey and could not wait. This was
still not perfect but I sent the broken one back to the makers for
repair asking them to return it to their standard version. Since
then it has worked much better and with both 50 and 30 amp chargers
on the charge rate starts off at 70 plus amps when the batteries
have been taken down to about 75% charge.
Gary...Many thanks for all your hard work, descriptions and pics.
Much appreciated although I am amazed that someone who descibes
himself as a jeweller can give good advice ranging from using a
sledge hammer on the boom outhaul to reverse engineering a complex
electronic circuit board !

Best wishes, Anne and John SM 319

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