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Yes, and Yes, I know the cause.

First of all, the clicking sound is the built-in ratchet on your windlass that allows the Lofranz handle on the winch to manually raise the anchor. Without the ratchet you could not pump the handle back and forth and raise the chain. If you have never tried this, do it now.

Your issue is normally caused when you buy new chain, or the chain is not laying correctly when it is retrieved. The new zinc on the NEW chain links sometimes causes a binding of the links resulting in jamming either at the chain hawse opening, or on the gypsy. The solution is carefully pull on the chain as another crew member operates the down button on the gypsy. After you run all of the NEW chain through the gypsy about 10 - 20 times, the jamming will go away.

Other causes of jamming can be rusted chain, or something causing the chain pile to fall on itself weighing down the chain. If your chain is not NEW, look inside the watertight chain port as someone else operates the windlass...I suspect you will see what is going on.

Which of the above do you think you have?

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I have a slightly different problem, when I push the down button the windlass makes a clicking sound but the gypsy does not rotate and leave out chain. If there is weight on the chain , like the anchor dangling over the bow then the gypsy rotates leaving out chain. Has anyone experienced this and know what causes it.
 Thanks , Pat SM #123
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         I have had exactly that problem, the culprit appeared to be carbon dust from the motor brushes (there are four) which either stopped the windlass from working, or alternatively caused the chain to run away.
Once I cleaned it up and also checked and cleaned the conniptions as Bill describes  it all ran normally .

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