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As an added comment, this includes REJEX… Teflon based.

I had a collector car and used Rejex (same company as Corrosion X) and after use, I never won “concourse” until I spent days polishing and building wax from another company.


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Polish everything... the hull, the deck (all smooth gelcoat) and stainless as well. Find someone who specializes in polishing.

You will be happy...oh, and don't let them use Teflon polish...the issue is that you can't really polish (xompound) fiberglass gelcoat or paint after Teflon has been applied.

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Hi all,


Besides Deltaville Boatyard, does anyone have a recommendation for a boat yard on the Chesapeake (any location south of Annapolis is preferable).


We are needing bottom paint and the routine Amel maintenance. I would also like to oversee or do the Amel maintenance myself and wax the hull.






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