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Lots of good yards. If your in Solomon Island Zahnisers and is walking distance to everything. Going North, I like Hartge Yacht Harbor in Galesville, reasonable and picturesque, not close to much, but I can help with transportation. Also North is Herrington Harbor North, which has a West marine store onsite, plus a pool, but could be pricey. Hopefully you have a free “Port Book” and Chesapeake cruising guide to help you. ONE BIG CONCERN. Most do not sand the bottom before applying paint. Adhesion is limited. Just ask Kent. Secondly most of the paint used is frankly little better than house paint (again EPA and Maryland’s regulations on Marinas.) Most marinas don’t permit a diver to clean the bottom at the slip. However if you lose something overboard ------

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Hi all,


Besides Deltaville Boatyard, does anyone have a recommendation for a boat yard on the Chesapeake (any location south of Annapolis is preferable).


We are needing bottom paint and the routine Amel maintenance. I would also like to oversee or do the Amel maintenance myself and wax the hull.






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