Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Genoa furling gearbox leaking

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If you have only had Super Maramu #41 for 6 months, you might consider asking the previous owner. The reason I asked where you were located, is because in warmer climates, when the grease on the forestay gets hot, it will sometimes drip out of the inside of the furller onto the deck near the furling gearbox. If that is the source, it is not a defect or a problem. 

Also, that is also why I asked how long you have owned this Super Maramu because I thought that possibly that you did not know about this. 

If you happen to go to Turkey, you will find the Amel Representative, Emek Marine, in Gocek, who will be able to inspect it and tell you what is happening. One thing that they can do is add a grease fitting to that furller gearbox so that you can add fresh grease to the gearbox. Contact Riza at Emek at cagdas"at" Emek has been very busy this summer doing a number of Super Maramu refits.


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Hi bill,

This is no. 41, located in greece and i got it 6 months ago. I was wondering if the oil is not the right one. Maybe using grease in the gearbox. Its coming out on the forestay. 

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