eric freedman

my crew said the water tasted funky on the trip home from st martin .
i just hooked up the omega salinity tester and the water pinned the
instrument. I am going to drain the tank and go out and fil it with
filtered dock water . i will take the boat out into the sea and get
some water directly from the watermaker , i think this is futile but
i will give it a try. I believe my membranes are SHOT with just 66
hours on them. I believe the problem is that i pickled the unit
twice a year and used it only on passages. i think the pickle killed
the membranes.

I have a few questions. do you have the 160 lph watermaker?
what was the company that you got your membranes from?

is it necessary to remove the entire membrane asembly from the
engine room or can i just remove the hoses and the front mounting
plate to remove the watermaker?

Fair winds,
kimberlite sm #376

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