Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Genoa furling gearbox re-grease

Giovanni TESTA

Hi Alain, many thanks to remember me your post.
Unfortunately I have last AMEL gearbox_2003. Any way the procedure may be adapted.
About the grease leakage, I had the doubt if the grease is from gearbox or from the forestay.
If I well remember in a post, not recent (Olivier?), it was clear that it is from forestay. For this reason I asked Bill a support. To re-fill the forestay I'm planning the job for when I'll be near an Amel base (now I'm in Thailand).
For the gearbox ( SM 428_2003 ) I'm wondering if it is possible to check and to re-grease inside.
 I have the sketch of 2003 model but I don't understand (I'm not on board) if, cover removed, it is possible to do that without removing the engine.
Buon Vento
sv EUTIKIA SM2K # 428

Il 04/09/2015 7.57, alainfeuillet@... [amelyachtowners] ha scritto:

Giovanni, have a look at the conversion "headsail furler" where I decribe that I had to maintain this gearbox; photos available also under same title;
After having retrofitted my gearbox I have no leaks of oil at all, although PILGRIM is under the greek sun since 3 years; so we could consider that oil leak is not a disater but is the signal for maintenance and seal change in particular.
Fair winds

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