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Ian Shepherd

Ben it is probably long after you have solved this problem, but I have recently experienced exactly the same symptoms in with the aft shower. After checking for obstructions, the result was the same so I swapped the mixer taps over from front to aft and the aft shower worked perfectly again. I suspect that a deposit build up in the mixer tap is the cause of the trouble. When I get the chance I will immerse the bad mixer tap in vinegar heated to 60C and then leave it overnight to soak. I cannot do that now as I am en-route to Turkey.

What is different in your case is that you say the symptoms are the same in both showers. Only my aft shower has given a problem.

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My guess is that it is a combination of the accumulator tanks (one on the water pump available from Amel and one behind the water heater) that need replacing and an adjustment of the pressure switch. With a tire pressure gauge check the pressure on the tanks at the air pressure nipple (like a bicycle tire). Do this when you have turned off the water pump and bled the water pressure. The accumulator tank pressure should be about 10% less than normalhigh pressure (Cut-off pressure). If you have no pressure, replace that tank. If you have low pressure, pump it up with a bicycle pump. It could also be a slight clog where the hot water exits the water heater.

It could be that the pump is ready for a rebuild. What pump do you have? That SM came standard with a Manufacturer: AMFA (Reya) Model: Tornio(#66B)water pump. Amel has repair kits in stock. The kits include everything you need.

Look at photos here:

Bill Rouse

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I recently purchased an Amel Super Maramu 2000. It is a 2002 hull #347. I've started the usual process of fixing and upgrading. One issue I have is intermittent low (mostly low to no) water pressure in the shower mixers. Sink in both heads is fine and galley is good, but only showers. I pulled off hose and ran straight from mixing tube but no change. It starts out strong and then falls to nothing. if I turn off and wait 30-60 seconds, it stronger but pressure drops again. Considering galley and sinks are fine, I've not sure what it could be. Is shower system on completely separate path with its own filter? I'm thinking maybe a general low water pressure issue with pump (original from 2002).. Gauge pressure is 24 pounds when no water is being used). This does seem low. I've had been told there may be a pressure regulator switch that's bad, Not sure.

If anyone has had sim ilar experience or can offer some clues, I would be grateful.


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