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I took a look at the back of my  110 volt inverter last night. Just a positive and negative going to the circuit breaker.

However Amel tie wrapped a yellow/green  wire nearby in case someone wanted to be in accordance with ABYC code.

Obviously not a good idea


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I apologize but I cannot follow your "ground" and "neutral" terminology. I am certainly not an electrician or an electrical expert. And your electrician is most likely a good electrician, but probably has limited experience with a marine environment such as Amel'a sophisticated wiring schemes that help us avoid electrolysis.

Before I make my point to you, let's agree on the following terminology:

230VAC 50Htz:
Load (Live or Positive wire) at 230VAC - BROWN
Return (Neutral or Negative wire) - BLUE
Earth (Ground) - GREEN/YELLOW

110VAC 60Htz:
Live (Positive) at 110VAC - BLACK
Neutral (Negative) - WHITE
Ground (Earth) - GREEN

220VAC 60Htz:
Live (Positive) at 110VAC 60Htz RED
Live (Positive) at 110VAC 60Htz BLACK
Neutral (Negative) - WHITE
Ground (Earth) - GREEN

DC or Direct Current of any voltage:
Positive - RED in US, RED or BROWN in EU
Negative - BLACK in US, BLACK or BLUE in EU

The EU inverter most assuredly has a three wire connection to 230VAC 50Htz:
Load (Live or Positive wire) at 230VAC - BROWN
Return (Neutral or Negative wire) - BLUE
Earth (Ground) - GREEN/YELLOW but NOT the green/yellow Amel bonding system

And, the EU inverter has a two wire connection to the battery bank:
Positive - Amel uses RED
Negative - Amel uses BLACK

If internally your inverter has a connection between the Battery Bank Negative BLACK WIRE and the 230VAC 50HTZ Earth, you may have an electrolysis problem. AND, that may have been the reason that Earth was not connected. You need to know if there is an internal connection between the Battery Bank Negative and Earth. Because if there is, I would forgo the Earth connection to the inverter.

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Good Morning and thanks all,

I got the electrician to look at his work and he agreed that it should have Ground connections to the terminals within the inverter and came back with his tools and wire and connected it up to the main AC.

There are Neutral connections for both AC Input and AC Output.

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I think it depends what you mean by “grounded” – my understanding of these things is that with an inverter, like a generator and the boat side of an isolation transformer that one of the AC 230v outputs (nominated as neutral) provides the grounding or earth point for your AC system i.e. the  “common return path for electric current”.


So when you say the inverter do you mean the casing or the AC output earth as the latter is already the reference ground in the system?





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Good Afternoon All,

Would someone be able to explain the implications and possible dangers of not having your inverter grounded?

This goes back to a question I was asking about inverters a couple of weeks ago.

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