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James Wendell <ms42phantom54@...>

Jeff, as you recall I bought Bozo Cinq (now Phantom). How are you guys doing with Last Tango (ex Lone Star I believe)? Where are you now?

I still have engine problems that have kept me grounded (er watered?) here in Annapolis since arrival from Ft. Lauderdale in June. After replacing the original high-pressure fuel pump and cleaning/rebuilding the injectors, I am now waiting for my second high-pressure fuel pump - the first replacement was reportedly "bad." I sure hope it is the problem.

I was wondering what problems others have had with their 54's that have necessitated a complete Volvo overhaul? I read that in this thread.

Jamie Wendell

On Sunday, September 6, 2015 9:36 AM, "Jeff Wingfield ki4jde@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Hi Tony:

Our boat was next off the line after yours. The Xantrex manual has no model number.  However, if it will help, the number on the back of the manual is 975-0111-01-01.  I suppose this could be a publication number. 


On Sep 5, 2015, at 05:16, Tony Robinson tonywrobinson51@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Does anybody know the precise model no. of the Xantrex battery monitor fitted as standard to the Amel 54 (no.102). I'm trying to download a user manual, and all I can find are the Link 10 and Link 20 model manuals. The label on the bottom of the rectangular display unit just says Battery Monitor, with the manufacturer, Xantrex, written in large letters at the top.

Thanks in advance.

Tony Robinson

Catriona R - Amel 54 #102


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