Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Question regarding procedures for aligning engine on SM

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Where are you now? Do you have a name and/or boat name?

What is your Amel Model, engine type, and hull number?

Have you checked for a fouled prop...even mono-filament fishing line or one big barnacle can foul an AutoProp which will cause serious vibrations.

Without knowing hardly anything about you or your boat, my suggestion is to contact Amel Martinique and ask them for a recommendation of someone near you for an analysis of your situation. 

Continuing to run the engine with vibrations can cause serious damages.

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I have one question today. It seems like we have a lot of vibration from our engine and from what I can tell, it doesn't seem to come from any misalignment of the engine to the C drive system,  but rather from the entire engine bed which may have shifted position. The reason I think this, is that even when the transmission is out of gear, there is tremendous vibration, particularly at idle, and when I physically 'pull up' on the left side of the engine, the vibration lessens dramatically, where-as if I lift up up on the starboard side, the vibration becomes even worse.

So my questions are: What is the correct procedure for ensuring that the alignment of the four 'engine bed mounts' is correct? Am I right in guessing that the engine bed should be aligned so that there is no undue pressure of the entire engine on the single rubber washer/bolt at the bottom of the C drive on the keel? I just don't want anything to wear out prematurely and think that I need to eliminate, as much as is possible, the vibration on the drive train.
So my questions in detail are:
If I wanted to realign the engine bed properly, what are the steps that must be taken in order to achieve this?
I do have a mechanic here who claims to have experience with Amels, but he told me that this realignment could only be done by 'feel.' This seems rather 'imprecise', so is there a more technical solution? Even if I only make it just a little 'better' until I can get back up to the Amel service center in Martinique, I don't want to keep running the engine this way in case I break something!
We were thinking of sailing to Trinidad in hopes of finding a mechanic who is familiar with Amels there. Does anyone know of a mechanic in either in Grenada or Trinidad who might be able to help us?

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