Amel 55 in the Newport and Annapolis Boat Shows

Aldo Roldan

Amel will feature my brand new Amel 55 Araucaria in Newport, September 17-20 and Annapolis, October 8-12.

We went to the Annapolis boat show just to have a look last year, instantly fell in love with the 55 and one thing led to another.... Went twice to La Rochelle for inspection and handover. I can reassure all of you that the Chantiers Amel guys are absolutely dedicated and professional, pursuing the Capitain's vision, and that they are thriving as a company. The boat is all they portend it to be and more. It is fast, it points and it has kept the distinctive features that we all like in the Amels. I intend to race in the Newport-Bermuda (volunteers?) and others next year and I am convinced we will be quite competitive.

It would be cold blooded and ungrateful if I would not mention Moonshot, our wonderful, faithful and reliable SuperMaramu 2000 (vintage 2003) who we thought will never part with. Now I can understand when people write about how hard it is to part with one's boat, and there are days when I wish I could find a place or a reason to keep Moonshot. We loved this boat and we pampered her (putting last year new sails, new Bimini and new Furuno) and maintained her professionally for years no expenses spared. But sadly Moonshot is now looking for a deserving new owner and I will be grateful if you would help find him or her. (BlueNose, Glen Walters, 401-855-4355)

If you cannot make it to the boat shows and want to come aboard Araucaria, look us up in our mooring in Brenton Cove in Newport during the sailing season.

I remain grateful to this forum and participants, for all the great stuff that gets written.


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