Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: watermaker service

Ian Shepherd <ocean53@...>

Hi Eric,

Sorry to hear about your water maker problems. I recently had to remove my
membranes to replace a split end cap on my 160 l/h unit. I found that the
easiest way was to drop the whole cradle by undoing 4 nuts that attach it to
bolts in the roof. You might need someone to support the cradle when you put
it back, though I did manage by myself with some difficulty. Take the input
and output hoses off first of course.

I got the end caps off by wrapping them in a rag then gripping them with a
curved gripping tool that I had. They twisted off OK though the O-Seals
made them a tight fit.

I think that you are better off removing the whole assembly so that when you
re-assemble, you don't stress the end caps and the cross connector between
the two caps. Trying to line up 6 rods and two end caps all at once could be
challenging in the engine room! Good luck.

I have today written to M. Lemonnier at Amel and requested that the salinity
probe circuit is re-instated on my boat. I don't think that it would be
right to publish that letter here at present, but if you want it privately,
I will e-mail it to you.

Happy tasting!

Ian Shepherd SM 414 'Crusader'

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