Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Question regarding procedures for aligning engine on SM


I have just completed this job quite successfully while up on the hard at Bundaberg. I figured the old mounts were the original ones and so relied on the original adjustments made when installed were to be correct, only the mount itself was the failure. I used a spare hull prop that is used to brace the hull, installed across the bench seat above the engine and a hand winch to raise the engine some 20 mm and swung it towards the rear of the boat. You do need to unbolt the engine from the frame of course and also disconnect the rubber coupling before this can be achieved. I dismantled the frame before lifting the four sides up over the Vetus mounts, this made things somewhat easier for me and also gave me the opportunity to clean the frame up. When I removed the Vetus mounts, I did not alter the position of the LOWER adjustment nut and measure the distance of the exposed thread from the top of the mount to the adjustment nut. I found the two forward ones the same length and the two rear ones the same but a different length. Since I did not need to replace the two mounts above the C drive, I did adjust these slightly to take a little bit of the weight of the unit believing this may be a good move. When I re-assembled the Vetus mounts, I used the original ones adjustment as a reference for the new mounts. I found after assembly and the engine back on the frame, the four bolts used to assemble the rubber coupling slid nicely through the holes to join the transmission to the C drive. This suggested to me that the engine was satisfactorily aligned with the new Vetus mounts. When the boat was lowered back into the water, I was surprised how smooth everything ran,

Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SM #171

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