Re: Water Maker Green Light

Judy Rouse


We have a photo of our circuit board. Not sure if it will really
help you or not. Please provide me your email address offlist at
sailingjudy "at" as I could not find an email option on
this group to email you directly.

S/V Security
SM2 #387

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18 June 2006

Judy: Thanks for your response. Any chance you could take a
digital photo of your
control circuit board (located in the electrical box on the back
side of the control panel,
accessed from the port cockpit lazarette) and emailing it to me?
Something is clearly
different about your watermaker than from mine.

Have you tried immersing your salinity sensor in sea water while
the system is running to
see if it will divert the product water?

Please describe for us the amount of sodium metabisulfite you have
used in your pickling
solution (e.g. how many tablespoons of powder in how much water),
the duration of the
picklings (e.g. weeks or months at a time), and where the boat is
located so we can know
the average temperature.


Gary Silver

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<sailingjudy@> wrote:

Tested our watermaker twice today to time it. Green light comes
at 1 minute 40 seconds.

We have verified that it does produce 160 lph. We have 108
hours on
the watermaker. It has been pickled many times.

S/V Security
SM2 #387

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