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Just out of curiosity more than anything else, has anyone ever had the one way valve/prime retainer device on the end of the electric bilge pump intake hose fail? In 30 plus years of messing around in Amel boats, I have only had to clean off coagulated shmegma to return one to full function. Would be interesting to know if others have a different experience.




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When the previous owner of Kristy rebuilt my pump, he must have used non SS screws to secure the flapper valves, or poor quality stainless.  The screws were rusted almost through and broke when I tried to replace them.  I had to drill them out and use bigger screws.  Make sure you use marine stainless.



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Hi Everyone -

Was wondering if anyone would chime in on some of their secrets used to help keep the bilge clean. Recently, I notice the main bilge system was continuously running after a dinner clean up and running the sink. The next day I removed the suction hose from the pump and notice that it was clogged up. I unclogged it and replaced it back onto the the pump. Next time the bilge pump turned on the pump was still just running and not pumping. Manual pump works fine and helps remove the excess water. Figuring there is a clog somewhere in the line and I will trouble shoot when I get out of work. Anyone care to chime in with some of their secrets or advice to help this system?

Side Note: The grey water does not smell at all and when the pump is running it appears that there is water coming from the exit plug however the water level is not going down unless the manual pump is used.

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