Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bilge Suggestions/Advise


Thank you all for responding! 

So, I cleaned the bilge after work today using Bill R's advice. I also removed the pump and checked it over 100%. It is in great shape and looks as if it were recently rebuilt. The bladder looks impeccable and all the mechanics are in good condition and well lubricated. I forced air through the rest of the system to ensure there was no blockage and all seemed well. When I was putting it back together I over torqued the 1" NPT with 1" barb and broke it off and was unable to test the system. My question is, does the system need to be primed? Right now it is completely dry. I believe that the last time I went to clean the bilge I did a half assed job and stirred up what was in the bilge causing the pump to just clog again. The way the pump looks right now there should be no reason why it does not work when reconnected after replacing the nipple. Other good news I found a spare bladder and rebuild kit so I can always turn in that direction if the pump is still not working. Thoughts are always appreciated. 

Bill M
SM #195
It's all Good 

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