Fan Speed front opening refrigertaor and interesting other info.

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I was lead to believe that it was just meant to lower the noise level in the saloon when someone is sleeping there. I always leave it on high.


I also noticed that this reefer was not cooling so well so I pulled the reefer out from the cabinet to see what I could see.

Amel had placed foam around the fan to duct more air to the coil. The foam had degraded and was blocking air flow around the coil. I just cleaned it up and my reefer is back nice and cold.

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We have the (we believe) original front opened refrigerator

Below the refrigerator there is a switch that in one position a red lamp is lit and the fan goes down to lower speed in the other position the red lamp is out and the fan has higher speed. Can anyone enlighten me what’s the meaning with that switch?


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