Re: Fresh Water Pump / expansion tank - IDRO ECOINOX

Andrew & Kate Lamb

So I found a similar dimension-ed expansion tank and ordered this from the jabsco shop in the UK - a Cleghorn Waring CW291 Accumulator Tank - 20 litres - this turned out to be identical in every respect to the IDRO ECOINOX tank i.e. dimensions and supports and fittings to hold the pump the only difference being it is red instead of white - it cost 65 GBP. However before fitting this I decided to try and use a 16 euro bicycle pump to pump air via the valve at the end of the expansion tank - having ascertained that there was no water coming out of the it on pressing the valve. Following pumping up over several minutes and experimenting with turning the galley tap on and off I seemed to get to a point where all is working correctly again with no rapid cycling of the pump and good steady pressure. So I am supposing there must be a slow leak in the valve, I will need to see how long this pressure lasts for. In any case I now have a spare expansion tank if the pressure does not hold for a decent length of time.

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