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I think that SSB on board is mainly a matter of safety, it is like a long distance VHF radio (VHF reaches some 30 miles, without repeaters that are not in the middle of the sea), so in case of emergency you can reach at least the  radio-amateurs network, always listening the waves, to forward your emergency call.
On my Santorin, sailing in the Med, I use the SSB also for emailing, being also a radio Ham (Italian IU3BRO, american KD2ECB), and since I am also planning to cross the “Pond” (Atlantic), I keep my Icom IC718+Pactor modem on Sisila, as I said, mainly for safety.
A friend of mine, Paolo Liberati with Malaika5, made your journey around the world, and not being a Radio Ham he subscribed a SailMail agreement (some 200USD per year), and he used SSB a lot for mailing and for connecting other sailors during ARC.
In an ocean passage you have to implement all possibilities for communication, not only Sat Telephone.
That’s my opinion, anyhow

Attilio & Maria Siviero 
Amel Santorin#84 "Sisila"

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We are planning a round the world journey, and are preparing our boat now, one thing I'm not sure about is SSB radio. Is it something that we will use if we install?

Or will we not miss it out there?

It will not come for free and there are other items to consider.

Is this something for "dinosaurs" or are they still used nowadays?

We will have a satellite phone for mail and weather.

Whats your experience?

Have any of you any experience with the split lead back stay antenna?

 I have heard from a few members of my Swedish cruising club and they are happy with it

Paul on SY Kerpa SM #259


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