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Dear All
I have been following this forum for many years. I found most of the topics discussed very interesting as at the end, through the discussions, we got to know our boat better. (I take this opportunity to thank all the members for their helpful contributions)
Sometimes ago appeared the Watermaker issue. I initially found the topics interesting, and then I quickly become a bit uncomfortable with the different postings made by certain members. It seems that some of them have some interests in keeping the topic alive again and again by bringing back the same old issues which have been already discussed long time ago. Then I got the feeling that there was an obvious hidden agenda and the exchanges were lacking of honesty. Lets be serious for a while. How ones can claims that the failure of the Watermaker has spoiled the washing machine, the dish washer the pumps and the water heater not to mention other stories which I read which dont make any sense. This is purely ridiculous. I dont even want to argue on the technical feasibility of such scenarios as they sound so unrealistic. Im sorry to say that some of the stories which I read here have more to do with the sailor than the boat or its equipments..
I have no interest neither with Dessalator nor Amel. Im just the happy owner of my SM. Obviously through my 7 years of ownership I had some breakdown, I did change some equipments as every year, progresses are made in terms of efficiency, electronic improves as well as many new equipments are launched. With regards to my Dessalator, it has done his job extremely well although through all these years I have made some improvements or had to change some parts. To me this is absolutely normal.
Dont expect to own a sailing boat without having to make some repairs, carry out extensive maintenance and regularly change some equipments. It is part of sailing.. Owning a boat is not cheap.
Now lets be practical gentlemen. If your watermaker has spoiled your life and you boat for so many years then buy another one and do what you think you should do against the manufacturer. It is as simple as that. Accept the principle that some equipment may fail. This is not a sufficient reason to state that they are shameful equipments. Even the most sophisticated equipments can fail. We are hundreds on this forum to make us of the same boat without having the kind of problems that you are mentioning. Please spare us the kind of discussion that you are overflowing the forum with as long as you have an hidden agenda. Share what can be interesting for all of us in an honest spirit. Dont make use of this forum to serve your own interests. I believe that this is the spirit of this forum founder. To finish spare me your answer as I believe it is of no interest to the rest of the members. I dont want to open an additional sterile polemic.

Wit best regards

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Hi Ian,

I am very glad with your last post on this forum.

As to the letter to send to J.J. Lemonnier, I am about to write it. Did you send it as registered mail?

I quite agree that this behaviour is breaking the Trades Description Act, or similar in other countries. Does that mean that you are contemplating suing Dessalator in a legal action?.


Blue Marine
SM 311

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