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Hello John,
Congratulations on getting a 54.I should be happy to hear your views on the plusses and minuses over your 53, my address is annejohnat
As you keep your boat in the south of France and do not do extended cruises and clearly use mains water most of the time there seems little reason to have a watermaker. I took Olivier's advice and have never pickled my 160 ltr machine. I use it as my sole source of fresh water and thus can flush it with product water before and after use. Mains water,especially in marinas, often contains relatively high levels of chlorine presumably because the long runs of piping on the pontoons is conducive of bacterial pollution. Since chlorine is damaging to the membranes you would be ill advised to use it to flush your system and ,I suppose, would be better advised to find out from the manufacturers what to use to pickle and preserve the membranes against the day when you may have to depend on it. This is what PUR do with those emergency hand operated watermakers which have to be serviced once a year by an agent.
There is clearly a fault in the version of the watermaker which is adapted to Amels specification because the machine claims to have an alarm and salt sensor when it does not. I have had three different water makers over the twelve years that we cruised as far as Australia and all relied on tasting a sample before putting product into the tank. That the Amel version gives no warning is an extremely dangerous fact of life for unwary long distance liveaboards and it is not surprising that the subject has suffered such an airing on the site.
At the end of the day all equipment is likely to fail at some time or another and the taste test is so simple and reliable that all the other suggestions are high tech complications. I have fitted a TDS meter only because it was easier than sourcing and fitting a two way junction and faucet in Malta so that product went to waste until approved by the PTT (Pink Tongue Test) and then manually diverted to the tanks
Whilst I sympathise with the latest postings complaining about the flood of stuff on this subject the fact remains that if one were to rely on sensors etc. one would be running a big risk crossing big oceans.
Enjoy your new boat.
Best wishes from Anne and John, SM 319

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am therefore ignorant of the recommended procedures for maintaining the
watermaker and the manual is not helpful in this respect. Could I ask if
someone could supply a brief schedule of recommended procedure for
maintenance as "pickling", TDS meters and other things mentioned are new and
unknown territory for me. My watermaker will not be heavily used.

Thanks in advance,
John McDougall
"54" - no. 21

Dont pickle it and use it as much as possible - if you dont intend to use it
lots you should not have got a watermaker - watermakers love to be used -
dont use them and you will get lots of problems - perhaps before you added this
watermaker to the boat you should have done some research and understood the
operation as well as the plusses and minuses of a watermaker.



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