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OK, John.

I have not been on board a SM as early as yours...things changed through the model years. Facing the dining table the A/C is under the left rear corner seat. And since we have the 2 freezer option, we have a freezer under each side outside seat cushions.

Good luck, but look for water in every compartment between the bulkhead on the aft side of the forward head to the bulkhead for the engine up everything.

You might try a trick I used once to find a hidden leak. Disconnect the output line of the water pump and shoot some compressed air (not too much pressure) into the line while someone with good ears listens for escaping air in the salon area. There will initially be some water escaping because there will be water in the line.

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Thank you Bill for your immediate response, which suggested to me that I am most likely looking for the where the hose connects to the copper line going to the aft shower as the source of the leak.  The forward bench of the salon table contains the AC unit whereas the aft bench has a freezer.  The corner plywood seat is screwed down but I will attempt to remove it as see what's there later today. Thanks again for your help all the way from Gibraltar!

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