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29 June 2006
Hi Eric:

RE: Your Question:

"... why did you mount the omega quality sensor in a loop parallel
to the water flow and not in series with the output water?'

I only had "T" connectors at the time. Sorry to report that there was
no special engineering involved. It has worked well this way so I
haven't changed it. Someone reported problems with their sensor
in turbulant flow so I have choosen to leave well enough alone.

Let me know if you install yours in series and suffer any problems.

".... did you have any trouble connecting the blue 3/8 inch plastic
hose to the Amel fitting? did you heat it to fit over the fitting?"

No and No. The 3/8 fittings quick connect press on fittings
fit perfectly and sealed without problem to the blue tubing
where I cut it. The extra 3/8 inch tubing (the clear stuff in
the photo) that I purchased at Home Depot fit well. I have had no
leaks and the rating on the fittings was something like 100 psi.
There is really virtually no pressure on this line.

Glad to hear that the end caps came off with so little effort.
Did the O-rings that you ordered fit ok?

I wired a Sonalert to the relay output of the EC sensor and
quickly discovered I needed a mute switch for when the water
maker starts up and the TDS creep causes it to alarm for the
first minute or two. I put the LEDs in just to verify that there
was 24 volt power to the Sonalert, and for a visual indication
of the alarm condition if I forgot to throw the "mute" switch
to the arm position after system start up. If others would
like a schematic of my set up I will draw one up and put it
in the files section of the site.

I appreciated Joel's post and it is nice to have him confirm that
his experiences with Dessalator have been the same as mine.
I agree completely with his analysis. Amel has been, and
continues to be, the finest company I have ever done
business with. Jean Jacques and Olivier are top notch and as
honest as the day is long. I assure the members of this site
that I do not hold a grudge against Dessalator, I have just
moved on. No hidden agendas.

Kindest regards,
Gary Silver

Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

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