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At Amel in Martinique they had a mizzen mast cut up so you where able to see its inside. The main looks the same, they told me. Maybe the pictures will help

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Oh, forgot to mention, once I helped an Amel owner passing through Lauderdale replace his B&G wiring on his 48’ Maramu that got vaporized by a direct lightning hit ( and a replacement of a whole host of other stuff too). It was a piece of cake. I believe there is even a ‘chase/pull’ line in the conduit to the masthead in case using the old wires as a snake fails. Good luck with the repair.


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I am unfortunately faced with having to replace the B&G instruments in my SM. My electrician says that the wires for the wind instrument might be clipped to the inside of the mast, which would make fishing a new wire through the mast difficult, even possibly requiring removal of the mast.


Does anyone know the precise construction of the mast? Are there vertical compartments? Are the wires attached to the mast in any way, or are they just hanging? Has anyone fished a new wire through the mast?


Thanks again to all in the forum for much valuable help.


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