Re: SM Mast Wiring


Thanks to Joel and all for your help.
It sounds like it may not be too difficult. More background: I was trying to hook NMEA from B&G to my new chart plotter, and must have done something wrong. The circuit board on the processor is shot, and probably the digital display as well. Not sure about the sensors and gauges. Not sure how it happened, but a post-mortem revealed that even though the system is 12 V, there is also a 24 V wire coming into the processor on terminal #19. This is referred to as a "Battery Sensing" terminal, I would assume if voltage goes low, and if your system were rigged correctly, a B&G alarm would go off. Not even sure if it works for 24 V. I don't know if it came wired this way from LaRochelle, or if it was hooked up under the previous owner's watch. 
There is a B&G vintage instrument outfit in Fort Lauderdale that I have sent the processor and digital display to, but even if fixable, I'm still not sure about the sensors and gauges.
Thanks again.

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