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Patrick McAneny

Olivier,  I told you that I was going to change my motor mounts without first unbolting and raising the engine. Although first unbolting the engine and then the frame seems to be the standard procedure. I saw no reason both frame and engine could not be raised together , saving time and hassle unbolting the engine. You asked me to let you know how it went . I had no problems and it went very well. I put a 4x4 resting on the boat where the winches are, slightly aft of center of engine ,with a come along (cable puller) raised both and gravity shifted both aft a few inches , then moved the 4x4 slightly forward lowered both and gravity shifted frame forward , although I still needed to use a car scissor jack on aft bulkhead to frame cross member to push frame forward the last few mm. One question, the C drive was slightly lower about 1/4 inch than frame although I had preset mount to old ones. I had a little trouble getting holes to match up. Can the C drive drop a little when unbolted from the frame? I put blocking under it before unbolting , the blocking seemed to be under a lot of load later. In conclusion , I  see no reason not to do this job leaving frame/engine connected. I ran the boat from idle to 2800 rpm and detected no vibration, so I guess that means all is well?
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Barry, I was wondering , if I removed the bolts securing the mounts to the stringers and unbolted the frame from the C drive, could I not then shift both aft and raise the engine and frame together . This would save disconnecting the engine from the frame.
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Sorry, No I did not take any pictures. It is a pretty well a simple process, disconnect motor, raise it as mentioned, dismantle the support above the C drive and remove it (the C drive sits on the keel and will not move), undo the nuts on the Vetus mounts that secure to the frame (do NOT alter the adjustment nut beneath the frame), either lift the frame over the Vetus mount to remove the mount or dismantle the four pieces of the frame and remove, remove the Vetus mount, measure the distance of the exposed thread then wind down the adjustment nut of the NEW Vetus mount to show the same measurement of exposed thread as the old one, install the the new Vetus mount. Do the same for the remaining three then reassemble everything in reverse.

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