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I’ve seen a sloop Santorin up close and my opinion is… don’t do it.  Too much a compromise on the Amel philosophy.

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Well 1st off - Hello.  I've recently joined the group to become knowledgeable about Amel Santorin sailboats and Amel boats in general.  I've searched the web and specifically this forum to find information on construction, design philosophy and on the suitability of Amel Santorin for blue water cruising.  What little I've found so far is promising but I'd be grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of posts or web site data that presents Amel Sailboats and specifically the Santorin 46 (sloop and ketch).

From what little I've learned so far this may be the boat that fits my wife's and my need for a blue water cruiser.



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