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We have a Carib CX8 that is 285 cm long, I guess that will be around 8ft6in. We have it on the roof of the aft cabin with a slide that we, very simply, attach over the stern, use the electrical winch on the mizzen mast to pul the dinghy up. Very easy even if you are alone. Even I manage to do it :) .
The dinghy has a hard bottom with a double hull and a storage place in the front where you can store the fuel tank and then the fuel hose goes inside the hull to the engin. The storage can be locked. This storage also becomes a very hand and convenient step down into the dingy, making entries and disembarking very easy. Most dinghis with a hard bottom are very deep wich force you to take a step on the tubes. On a Carib that step is not a big problem since the tubes are bigger than on other Ribs. Ours hardly moves when stepping on the tube and two persons can sit on the same side without the dingy turning over.

We have a Parsun 2 stroke 15 hp engin mounted and it works perfect. Parsun is the Chinese version of a Yamaha.

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Fellow Owners,

I've decided to get a 8ft6in RIB for our trusty Cerulean and wanted to discuss the various options (from custom to premade + hybrid).

Would like to keep the cost to a minimum without sacraficing the durability and strength.

I know there are a lot of previous threads on this issue but some go all the way back to '02!

Any additions or updates to the most simple, cost effective solution are much appreciated.



ALSO NOTE: I'm selling our GigHarbor sail dinghy, it's simply too difficult for my lady + dog to get in and out of. It's perfect for the aft deck if anyone is interested:

10' Gig Harbor Navigator Sailboat - Nesting - $3950 (Marina Del Rey)

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