Re: Predict wind program

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Eric et al.

I use OpenCPN for my computer-based navigation as a redundant system to my Raymarine GPS and chartplotter(s).  I have found that OpenCPN (free software) will allow me to download free GRIB files, and that these files interact with a free boat routing software called qtVlm using user-supplied polar coordinates (as can be found in the Amel Yahoo files section).  Works well.

Because I wanted to download email and GRIB files when out of WiFi range, I recently purchased a Pactor modem so that I can use the SSB to access both Sailmail and GRIB files.  Other than the $250 per year cost of Sailmail, it is now all free.  The Pactor modem was expensive, of course, but so is purchasing a sat phone.


SM2K #400

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