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Hi Elm,
I own a SuperMaramu, but my understanding is that all Amels are solid fiberglass hulls, monocoque construction with deck glassed to hull.   Cabin tops are balsa core but with some added features that make them stronger and less likely to wick moisture that gets into the core.  I think it was either Joel or Olivier (our Amel guys that know everything there is to know) who posted something about this in the Conversations within the last several months.  You may be able to find that post by doing a search for it.

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Thank you everyone for taking time to respond ti my questions.  Can someone tell me how the Amel hull were constructed (solid core/foam core etc.)?  I'd also be interested in everyone's and anyone's views on the Santorin ketch versus Santorin sloop.  How well Does each sail.  How many sloops were built?  Thanks


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