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Eric Freedman


I never heard anything until the motor on the starboard winch motor was broken open and the armature came out of the motor. It woke me up. The ¼ inch studs that hold the motor together were also sheared off.

We sailed home from St Maarten this spring and I heard nothing from the port winch. I guess the winch makes so much noise the sound is not heard.

Please let me know if you need for me to send you bolts.

Fair Winds


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Sounds like a disaster about to happen!  I don't guess you could hear a thump when the motor was engaged?  I'll check mine in the morning and report if I see any problems.




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   .I meant to say 175,000 pound breaking strength.

I had to buy  18 so if anyone in the USA needs 5 please let me know.





I was in my port cockpit locker yesterday starting to install an Espar heater. I thought I would check the Port electric winch to see if it had the same problem as my starboard winch had earlier this year.


I held the motor and it turned, I then had my friend activate the winch and the whole motor assembly slammed into the coaming. This is definitely a problem.


I removed the motor and mounting flange and sure enough all allen head cap screws were either broken off  or not connected to the base of the winch. They are part number 15 in the attached link.


Amel obviously did not use a thread locker on my winches.

They also used plain steel screws instead hardened ones. The hardened ones are black in color and have a braking strength of 175,000 pounds.


I would strongly suggest anyone with electric winches look at the drive motors and see if they move when activated. The port winch will be easy to reassemble but the starboard one was very difficult .

Fair winds


Sm 376 Kimberlite


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