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Ian Shepherd <ocean53@...>

Hi Tony,

Your problem is familiar, but I am not certain that I have a good answer. I
had a D60 on my previous SM and suffered poor output too. I changed the
membranes and it was good for a very short time only. I never got more than
45 l/h after that. Water temperature and salinity both affect output, but as
you are in the Caribbean, that should not be a low output issue. I take it
that you have changed the primary filters as well? They may be clogged up.

My 160 l/h works much better. Even up in Greenland where the water was cold,
the output never went below 140 l/h. In the Med I see 155-165 l/h depending
on salinity.

If you are going to purchase a larger water maker, think carefully about
whether to buy a Dessalator or not. My view now is that there are better
makes out there. Being close to the USA, you have plenty of choice.

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd SM 414 'Crusader'

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From: agav8ter
Date: 6/30/2006 3:22:28 PM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] More H20 discussion

Hello Fellow Sailors,

I am adding to the watermaker free for all. I have SM #266, and she has
the D60 watermaker. I replaced the membranes last January and have
about 220 hours on the system since then. My only complaint is that I
can only make 30 LPH. We live aboard and are on the hook, so we live
off the water we can make. At this time we have no way of collecting
rain water, but we plan to design and make a rain water collector.
Meanwhile, we are going to be in Guadalupe soon to have some other work
done. Question: For those of you that have the "bigger" watermaker,
what kind of out put are you experiancing? If I can expect to get over
100 LPH, I will consider purchasing the larger unit and installing it
while at Guadalupe. Anyone in the market for a D60 with "new"

I have had no trouble with the D60, other than we go through water way
faster than we can make it!!

Good sailing to you all,
SM #266

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