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Actually, Corian, the Comfort Pack and the 160 liter water maker were available before Red-Line, and are in SM BeBe #387, which is a 2003 model. 

The Furuno systems had moved to Navnet about the time of the Red Line, but Navnet wasn't necessarily added because of Red Line. I think that there are very little differences in the 2003 SM and Red line, other than the color of the rub rail, boot stripe and leather trim. The 2003 did not have Furuno Navnet because it really wasn't available at the time.

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The red line edition refers to the last production for super maramu, namely 2003,2004 and few 2005 boats. It has some more implementations when compared with the 2000 edition. For istance the corian in the kitchen. The electronics etc. 
However the major differences you have to look for are the type of watermaker and the presence of the comfort pack.  

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I am not familiar with yahoo groups, so I am not quite sure how to find answers. I am sorry if this has been asked before.

We are in the process of buying a SM, and would like to know the differences between "red line edition" and "regular". I did not find the info on the Amel website, but please direct me to where I can find this info. Or if you could be so kind and tell me the main differences.

Thanks very much!
Eva & Staffan

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